Happy Autumn!

Autumn is hands down my favourite season. I love everything about it from the falling leaves to the crisp sweater weather, and memories that are so close I can almost touch them. However, above all, my favourite thing about fall is PUMPKIN EVERYTHING!

So, how did I celebrate the first day of my favourite season, you ask? Well, by participating in Farm Sanctuary’sWalk for Animals in Calgary.

A hipster photo montage for you guys of the farm sanctuary walk. That lady who is prettier than me is my madre.

Then, as if my day weren’t already cool enough, I went to my local Farmer’s Market. Then I came home, and baked my face off. What did I bake you ask? Why, I wrote a recipe for pumpkin loaf/muffins including pumpkin, walnuts, dark chocolate, and some of my other favourite things. I also baked chocolate chip cookies to share, and some hideous maple peanut butter pumpkin treats just for my puppy, which he loves.

Life rules!

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