How do you keep cozy?

Some of you lovely readers, are currently experiencing a season conventionally known as “autumn.” We get autumn in my city too, but for only about a week.

This October, we have started to see light snowfall since early on in the month. However, yesterday I woke up to our first relatively heavy snowfall; a thick veil of snow blanketing the earth and the trees. Every time I’d let my puppy Benson out to frolic, he would prance back inside with a distinguished snow beard only a true gentleman can pull off. This isn’t new to me, however. My family moved to Alberta when I was still elementary-aged, and every October my mom would have us choose our Halloween costumes based on whether or not we could fit a set of snow pants underneath it.

Benson and I staying cozy inside together.

Yesterday, Benson and I chose to stay in for the better part of the day. I stayed warm with a thick acrylic knit sweater(pfffft, wool…who needs it?!), a blanket, and a Benson shaped furnace on my feet. I also sipped some Creamed Earl Grey with almond milk while doing some reading, to stay warm and classy.

So, kind of relating this back to the general theme of veganism, I am wondering how all of you lovelies keep cozy in the winter? What is your winter even like? Ours can get down to -35 degrees Celsius with a pretty harsh windchill(-31 Farenheit) on the coldest days. Last year, I went on a trek for a new, warmer vegan friendly winter coat, and ended up finding one that does the trick at MEC for under $150. This year, I also scored a rad acrylic infinity scarf on Etsy,  and actually picked up some handknit mittens in Newfoundland in June…because they were necessary. What are your favourite vegan friendly sources for coats and boots and warm things? Are there certain stores you always check out first, or do you usually go vintage hunting for the babeliest old lady sweaters like I always do?

Also, what is everyone’s favourite winter drink?! If I am feeling up to it and friends are over, I love to make a big pot of stovetop masala tea for everyone. I also love any kind of tea, and can appreciate a good cider if the mood strikes. Does anyone else just alternate kale and potato soup, and chickpea curries for days? Let me in on your cozy secrets! 🙂

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  1. Chili and cornbread at least 2x a week when it’s this cold! Or a good black bean soup. Actually any lentil-y soup or yellow daal. Busting out my Kitty Aviator faux fur hat, lots of baths with Lush bombs. Tea all the time. Putting things in the dryer just to warm them up. DOG BROS SNUGGLES!

    Oh, favorite winter drink? I like to slowly melt a chipped dark chocolate bar in to simmering almond milk until it turns in to cocoa. I’ve been putting Garam Masala in mine lately. Scrumtralescent.

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