6 Last Minute Vegan Holiday Gifts :)

It would appear the holiday that shalt not be named is officially less than a week away… I had hoped to write this blog a couple of days ago, but have been so caught in up in December chaos!

So, while I am not a huge fan of showing my love through material objects, I can empathize for anyone else looking to scrounge up cruelty-free gifts for their loved ones. Here are some of my ideas I’ve put together, after being coaxed by family and friends for gift ideas.

1. Homemade Baked Goods
Something I love to share this time of year is my vegan baking. Just today, I baked up a batch of vegan eggnog sugar cookies, and over the weekend created this pretty candy cane fudge:

I am not quite ready to share my recipe for this bad boy, but if you are looking to make your own fudge,  coconut milk is an excellent cream replacement, non dairy semi-sweet chocolate can be purchased, and coconut oil in replacement of butter is my favourite! Don’t want to make your own confections? Consider going to your local organic market and purchasing some vegan chocolate! My favourite brands are Terra Nostra Rice Milk Chocolate, Denman Islands, Sjaaks, and Go Max Bars! Any of these are sure to light up the eyes of your vegan pals. Who doesn’t love cruelty free chocolate?!

2. Sponsor an Animal
I know I harped on you guys to sponsor an animal last month when I adopted Elizabeth the Turkey for Thanksgiving, but this is seriously such a rad thing to do. Why not make a donation in your loved one’s name to an animal rescue or sanctuary? Did you know that for only $15, you can provide nutritious feed to some turkeys rescued from a hatchery at Animal Place? Or, you might consider “adopting” a llama from Stillpointe Sanctuary in Washington! You can go through the adopt a llama program, or make a donation towards necessary goods such as medical supplies, orchard grass, llama pellets, etc! And of course, there is always Farm Sanctuary, who I spoke of last month! You can also check into no-kill shelters and sanctuaries in your area and see if they have a sponsorship program.

3. Subscribe Them to a Rad Magazine!
You might consider subscribing your loved one to a rad publication as a thoughtful gift. While I am not aware of many veggie mags that aren’t just awesome blogs, a couple that come to mind are the timeless Vegetarian Times (which is where I first learned about vegan cooking in my youth!), as well as VegNews. Both of these magazines include amazing vegan recipes, and also touch on topics of the vegan lifestyle. These subscriptions are also generally very well priced

4. Literature and Film
If you’re wanting to run into your local bookstore, feeling brave enough to try and call in one day Amazon shipping, or your friends do the E-Book thing, I can definitely recommend that you consider some interesting but educational material. An example of a title everyone should read if they already haven’t, is Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals. A children’s book I am a fan of, is Ruby Roth’s That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals. Some documentaries to share might include Forks Over Knives, Vegucated, and Earthlings!

5. Make Yer Own!
Going back to the DIY nature of my baking suggestion, consider creating some products for your family and friends that are sure to be vegan friendly for their simplicity of ingredients; I love mixing some epsom salts with essential oils, and some rose petals and putting them in mason jars. Or, how about an invigorating sugar scrub which would include some organic brown sugar, vanilla extract, and ground coffee beans?! The possibilities are really endless.

6. Gift Certificates You might consider supporting local and gifting your friend a gift certificate to their favourite vegan friendly market or local farmer’s market (attached to a mason jar of gorgeous pickled beets, of course). However, if the online thing, some shops you might consider include Pangea, Karmavore for Canadian consumers, Herbivore Clothing, or even Sweet and Sara!

I would write more, but truth be told I am a little burnt out and feel like doing some podcast listening before bed! Good luck my young Jedis. ❤

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