Recipes for a Cozy Sunday

1. Start the day off with some Earl Grey tea with almond milk, and picking up where you left off on last night’s reading before you fell asleep and woke up sleeping on a copy of Animal Farm, because that doesn’t constitute a lame Saturday night, and this definitely isn’t why you’re single.


2. Once you’ve had some tea, curl back up into bed wishing you could do nothing for the rest of your life. Bring a puppy with you.


3. Bundle up, and face the cold snowy weather to go meet up with your friend(s) and quest to your favourite vegan restaurant for brunch.


4. EAT ALL THE THINGS AND DRINK COFFE TIL YOUR STOMACH HURTSSS. While the lighting was poor for a photo, pictured below is an El Sombrero with smoked tofu from The Coup. Looooove.


5. Go and swoon over Ryan Gosling even if his fake tattoos are shitty and simultaneously have your heart sink down into your twisted up stomach and get allllllll the feeeeeels from just a movie and then rise up for a moment and then there’s Bon Iver. Seriously you guys. The Place Beyond the Pines was that good. Please go see it.


6. Return back home and listen to folk music all night and dread going back to work after the weekend.

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