Things I Love Thursday! (and a giveaway inside <3)

Alright gang, it’s time for another Things I Love Thursday, since I know you all are so concerned about all the things I love.

Probably if anyone read my Portland Love Confessional, you’re aware of how much I love vegan donuts. Before my trip there, I honestly hadn’t eaten a real yeasted donut in probably ten years. After successfully nomming on donuts from Voodoo’s and all my favourite vegan bakeries for a week, the past month and a half has been filled with “donut withdrawal” (it’s a real thing, promise). So, even though I always say that donuts made in a pan are just CAKE WITH HOLES IN THEM, I decided to try my hand at some vegan donuts earlier this week, without frying them in vats of oil and eating them until I hate myself. Here’s what I came up with…

Vanilla spice donuts, glazed, with toasted coconut on top.
Vanilla spice donuts, glazed, with toasted coconut on top.
Cookies n' Creeeeam donuts.
Cookies n’ Creeeeam donuts.

They were pretty babely and very tasty. I will share the recipes when I tweak the measurements a little and I’m not even just saying that.

2. Watermelon
Since, it’s summer, I’ve been stepping up my fruit-eating game and eating sooo much watermelon. The other day, I was enjoying a piece of water melon and was all like, oh, I wonder if Benson can eat this. So, the queen of weirdo google search queues, I was all like “Can dogs eat watermelon?” and numerous sources were all like, “HELLLL YAAAA.” So, here is a video of my dog eating a piece of watermelon, because I know you have nothing better to do for the next 16 seconds.

3. The Vancouver Humane Society
Now, this could very easily turn into THINGS I LOATHE THURSDAY if you let me talk about this gong show for too long, but let’s just say the Calgary Stampede is happening and I hate it a lot because it is archaic and causes unnecessary harm to animals in the name of entertainment which is not my jam. This rodeo includes but is not limited to exhibitions where “cowboys” (pfffft) perform needlessly cruel acts, such as wrestling steer , roping poor baby calfs, and putting horses under incredible stress in the chuckwagon races.  So, in comes the Vancouver Humane Society, who year after year, I have seen campaign against these acts of cruelty with more vigour than any other large animal welfare organization including Calgary’s own. They have recently put out a petition against calf-roping, which I highly encourage you to sign if you too, are against the rodeo. I am not trying to turn this into an activist’s plea for signatures, but animal rights is definitely one of the biggest factors as to why I’m vegan, and I really want to share this with you guys because I love the Vancouver Humane for stepping up to the plate and taking a stand. High fives, keep being awesome!

Look at this adorable calf. I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but WHO COULD EVER HURT THIS LITTLE DUDE? (Photo from Woodstock Sanctuary)

4. Putting birds on things.

I have continued to put birds on things. Most recently, I was contacted by a friendly rep of Easy Canvas, who offered me an 8×10 canvas with the photograph of my choice, in exchange for a review. Normally this isn’t my jam, but they print from Instagram photos as an option, and I remembered a photo I took at my local bird sanctuary I’ve been meaning to print:

Look at this pretty little chickadee. Love it.

I was impressed with the quality of this print, considering this was a photo taken on my iPhone that I thought looked ARTSY. The image was stretched effectively and I haven’t noticed any pixelation or anything. I think this is a pretty great way to bring your photos to life and an excuse to brag about all the awesome pictures you take when your friends come over.
“Uh, no. It’s my own work. I’m kind of a photographer…”

ALSO, Olivia from Easy Canvas was kind enough to offer a
a GIVEAWAY TO MY READERS so you too, can have your own canvas print. So please enter my giveaway because I WANT TO GIVE YOU GUYS FREE STUFF BECAUSE I LOVE YOU, READERS.
Obviously the only reason I do anything.

Anyways, those are some things that I like this Thursday. WHAT DO YOU LIKE THIS WEEK?!??!?! I would love to hear how your weeks are going. I am now off to sit in on my very first WEBINAR for animal rights, and eat watermelon for breakfast. Cheers. ❤

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  1. I am loving cookbooks this week! I picked up some Vegan cookbooks at Indigo, and it’s been really fun to create some of the random recipes in there. My boyfriend and I are really bonding over it too cause he’s joining in on the planning, the preparing and even the cooking part! His favourite is obviously the eating as he loves being able to try new things all the time. 🙂

    1. thecozyvegan says:

      I love cookbooks too 🙂 what’s your favourite meal you two have made so far?!

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