Field Trip Fridays: Left My Heart in YEG.

Edmonton, I don’t know when you became so cool. I’m not even saying that sarcastically as a Calgarian (I have a love/hate relationship as an Albertan in general), but rather would like to express that the more I visit Edmonton, the more I grow to (maybe even) like it.

While I occasionally go up for the odd weekend or two to visit my pops, some time off work allowed me to visit Edmonton for nearly a week this time around…WEEK LONG FIELD TRIP! So, I guess here are some pictures of the food I ate mostly. Come to think of it, aside from giant salads at home, I didn’t really cook all week! Ahem….

Places I visited in Edmonton:

124th Grand Market
An outdoor market held on Thursdays that takes up a city block, this was a cool little place to visit and grab some eats at my new favourite food truck (Sailin’ On, listed below). Vendors shared organic produce, adorable terrariums, arts and crafts, vegan baked goods (such as donuts, and some cookies I picked up from Bloom)

124th Grand Market Success
124th Grand Market Success

Sailin’ On

First visited this food truck at 124 Grandd market and tried the Seitan Reuben pictured above, and my omni-dad totally devoured a coconut BLT. Had a second visit with a lovely gentleman, where we tracked down Sailin’ On in their regular spot, out behind Wunderbar. He also confirmed with the rad Sailin’ On folks that the food truck’s name comes from a Bad Brains song and obviously not the No Doubt song (come on, guys).

Bliss Baked Goods

Favourite little bakery in the city. Kosher and nut free. While not all items here are vegan, simply ask the staff what they have available that’s dairy and egg free, or drop the “vegan” bomb. My favourite things here are the danishes and breads, but this time around they had only fancy cream filled thangs as far as pastries, so I obviously still took some to take pictures of. I ate the one that looks like princess food.
Sugar coma.

Bliss Bakery
Bliss Bakery

I have always enjoyed Padmanadi, but have only been there for dinner a few times as I usually rock out brunch This time around, I went for dinner. We rocked the Veggie Chicken Curry on Coconut Rice (his favourite, now one of my favourites), alongside some surprisingly show stealing stuffed tofu.
Then we went for tea at Steeps. Which is obviously vegan, guys.

Padmanadis. This was a great day :)

Cafe Mosaics
Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I had never visited Mosaics before! However, my first visit there was perfect. As we were planning to do a late night Sailin’ On run later, we split some vegan chicken wings (chunks of tofu and other deepfried goodness, served with hot sauce and “caesar dressing”), alongside their new vegan cheese burger, which was also fantastic. And I was spoiled with chocolate cake to take home (which we ate too fast for me to take a picture of). So cute inside this little nook. Swooooonn.

Mosaics and Antique Mall in the same day <3
Mosaics and Antique Mall(top left) in the same day โค

Clever Rabbit

Visited here with a friend during their “vegan donut fest.” Honestly, if I hadn’t just travelled to Portland a couple months ago and fell head over heels for Voodoo’s, I might have actually been impressed. Also ate some tofu and biscuits for lunch, which had this super interesting “egg” I have never tried that was not made from tofu and apparently some form of vegan egg replacer powder. Weird.

Tofu, "eggs" and biscuits at Clever Rabbits
Tofu, “eggs” and biscuits at Clever Rabbits

Also notable markets:
Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market
Callingwood Farmer’s Market
Earth’s General Store (who carry the ever popular Go Max Go bars. Brought home a couple for pals.)

So in summary, I know it looks like all I did was eat here, but I also did other things. My Farmer’s Market visits were really fun, as I’ve been exploring a lot of community oriented things lately and what makes a true farmer’s market. I also had the chance to explore the Legislature and surrounding green space in the summer, which was really beautiful. We tried visiting Taste of Edmonton, which resulted in disappointment when we couldn’t find young coconuts to drink from. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Whyte’s in general is always kind of cute to check out, so I did hang out there, and also see some friends for tea and things. And visited the beautiful Old Strathcona Antique Market which I want to live in, pretty much.

Edmonton is a pretty cool thing and I will probably spend a bit more time there for many reasons in the near future. Check out some more pictures below (sorry if some are repeats from this blog entry)! ๐Ÿ™‚

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