Vegan Field Trip Fridays: The Coup and CNF

Good morning lovelies!
It is a long weekend, and mine has started out beautifully. Yesterday, I had a little bit of an impromptu Field Trip Friday I would like to take you on. It started with a surprise visitor who has never had much of an opportunity to explore Calgary before. Given that this gentleman took me on some pretty bomb culinary adventures in Edmonton, I figured I would bring him to a place or two that I love.

So, after some delicious morning smoothies as the clock drew towards noon, it was time for brunch. OR LUNCH I GUESS. IF YOU HAVE TO CALL IT THAT. So I did what any good vegan Calgarian would do, and I took him to The Coup. Chances are, if you’ve read my Vegan in YYC section, you have probably heard me sing high praises about The Coup and some of my favourite menu items. If you’ve already done so, then forgive me and perhaps bypass this paragraph. However, for new readers, this is my favourite restaurant in Calgary by a landslide. For a long time, it was the only purely vegetarian restaurant in Calgary that wasn’t Chinese food, and given our other options, I still consider it the only one worth visiting. The Coup prides themselves on sourcing organic ingredients and keeping things local as often as possible. I first visited their restaurant as a sixteen year old little fledgling vegan, and continue to visit years later (which actually makes me feel super old. AHHHHH)! I am always very happy to share it with my fellow vegan folk, and drag omnis along to try and sway them into veganism.

ANYWAYS. To The Coup we went. Obviously we had the best thing on the lunch menu, which are The Messy Janes. Tofu scram with veggies and hashbrowns, topped with their tahini miso gravy which remains an enigma to me. I need to figure out a way to replicate this well-kept secret and put it on everything I eat ever.


Dear Messy Jane, will you marry me, or at least share your miso-y secrets with me?
Dear Messy Jane, will you marry me, or at least share your miso-y secrets with me?

Post Coup, we were feeling a little overwhelmed with awesome so decided to relax for awhile. DID I MENTION I MOVED INTO A NEW PLACE?! Yeah. I’m pretty excited. So that was kind of a field trip on its own as this is only my third day living here. LOOK HOW CUTE.


Later on, we headed to Community Natural Foods downtown so I could brag about how awesome it is. This is where I tend to grab all of my awesome vegan luxury products. I was pleased to see that they now carry the new Vegennaise spreads such as pesto and tartar sauce…We picked up some of the pesto to mix with lemon juice for a super indulgent salad dressing and it was amazing. But the reeeeal find of the day were…


Finally, some that I don’t have to make on my own! These beauties were from the small Lethbridge-based company, Saucy Ladies. They were onion and sauerkraut perogies. We immediately flipped out and took two bags home and proceeded to prepare them with some sautéed onions, crumbled Apple Sage Field Roast sausages (the best vegan “meat” product I’ve ever put in my mouth, FYI), Toffutti Better Than Sour Cream, and some greens for good measure. Happiest!

For once I am not the only one slaving away in the kitchen!
For once I am not the only one slaving away in the kitchen!
YAAAAY PEROGIES. I will definitely be purchasing these babes again.
YAAAAY PEROGIES. I will definitely be purchasing these babes again.

Now, don’t you all go out and clear CNF out of sauerkraut and onion perogies at once, or else I’ll probably have to find you and take them back from you. I think these are probably going to be a new side dish at holiday meals and stuff when I cook for family.

Anyways, I am off to stock up on groceries as my side of the fridge and cupboards pretty much consists of vegan junk food and tea. Although, I’m pretty sure I could survive off those things forever. Otherwise, I am off to the Canmore Folk Festival tomorrow to see the Great Lake Swimmers, Ben Sollee, Del Barber, Good for Grapes, and a couple others. Hope you all have a great long weekend. Once I get settled in, I’ll start posting more recipes again. I have some exciting things coming up! ❤

3 Comments Add yours

  1. vegancalgary says:

    Did you get the Field Roast at CNF too, or are they the artisan ones?

    1. thecozyvegan says:

      Whoops, should have mentioned! Yes, the Field Roast Apple Sage were purchased from Community Natural foods too! 🙂

  2. Funny! I was at the Coup for dinner on Friday as well and enjoyed their Falafel Quesadilla! It was so yummy!

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