Oh hiiii darlings, and happy Thursday! I am sitting on a park bench near one of my favourite Farmers Markets, and thinking about other things I love! So, realizing I have been busy moving and haven’t written since last week, I thought it was high time for another THINGSILOVE entry.

1. I must really love you guys, because I am writing this from my iPhone even though I am in Edmonton and left my laptop behind, committing to a relatively technology free weekend. So there’s that. Also, I don’t mean to sound all swindley but I loooove those of you who have voted me as one of the top 25 vegan blogs of 2013, and if anyone else wants to share the cozy vegan love before the polls close, I wouldn’t be mad ❤
click here to vote, lovelies.

2. Farmers markets!
I am currently sitting here at the 124 Grand in YEG soaking in positive vibes, but have done the majority of my grocery shopping at the Calgary Farmers Market lately! Speaking of which, stay tuned for a post on my favourite vendors there soon 🙂


3. Folk Festivals
Another reason I have been quiet is because the last two weekends I have attended Calgary and Canmore folk fests, respectively! Notable acts were Elliot Brood as always, M. Ward, Ben Solee, Great Lake Swimmers(eeeeeee!), Del Barber, Wool On Wolves, and sooo many others. I will link these appropriately when I am on a real person computer! For now enjoy some pictures!!





I hope you folks don’t need an explanation for this.


5. Crafty things<3
I have recently taught myself freehand embroidery and am looking forward to taking on more challenging patterns soon! This is my first one- anyone have any good resources for patterns or tips?! I’m already a cross stitcher! 🙂


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