Lazy Leftovers: Veggie Works

So, after reading my Mac n NOT CHEESE post yesterday, I bet you were wondering what I was going to do with the rest of that “cheese” sauce, didn’t you?!?! DIDN’T YOU?!?! Well, never fear friends, because I am about to answer all of your questions.

So, I use to order them without the cheese and sour cream which made for just french fries with green onions and tomatoes on them, but have any of you ever had the New York Fries Veggie Works? Pretty much just cheese sauce, sour cream, and veggies over top a helping of French Fries. KIND OF LIKE FRY NACHOS.

Such a babely late night snack.
Such a babely late night snack. Excuse the low resolution photo, it was late and I was too busy wanting to eat this delicious thing.

Boyfran has harped on about how this was one of his favourite food court options growing up as a vegetarian and not quite vegan, and how he was on a constant mission to make different versions of this. So, when he was here and we were seeking out a late night snack and couldn’t have fried yam chips for COMPLICATED REASONS when we went to get some, we ended up stopping into a falafel place and grabbing an order of their frozen fast food-y french fries after being assured they shared only a fryer with falafel and no meeeeats.

So, off we strolled home with them, where I had the leftovers from the Mac Daddy sauce (that sounds probably like something completely different than what it is, ew), some Toffutti sour cream from a perogie adventure a few weeks back, green onions, and a red bell pepper (sorry, not a tomato)! Literally, all I did was place those ingredients on top of the fries. THE LAZIEST LEFTOVERS IN THE WHOLE WORLD but so fucking good.

Best served with an episode of Whose Line Is It Anyway, since it is Tuesday.

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  1. I love Whose Line – Wayne Brady is AMAZING! 🙂

  2. Before my vegan days, NY fries veggie works was my go to happy food, I have such a soft spot for fries. Thank you for sharing such a great idea and cheese sauce recipe..I look forward to trying it very very soon!

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