Canadian Vegan Thanksgivrs 2013 Recap <3

Oh hi everyone. It’s that time of year again…where half of my readers whom are Canadian just celebrated Thanksgiving over the long weekend (like myself), and the other half of you folks think I’m a giant weirdo for posting what I ate on Thanksgiv’rs already!

This year, I had a quiet Thanksgiving. I spent it up in Edmonton since I take advantage of pretty much any long weekend to get out of dodge. While there were only two of us (both vegan, yesssssss!), it was really lovely to spend a relaxing Sunday in the kitchen whilst intermittently watching Halloween Wars on the Food Network and not having to get dressed like a real person. This is what I came up with, after a days work:

1392073_10150332441599991_716330279_nFrom the top right, we have pumpkin savoury biscuits, a lovely pumpkin pie (dessert of course), roasted veggies, stuffing, homemade orange ginger cranberry sauce, a Field Roast celebration roast, and some mushroom and sauerkraut perogies with onions!

Clearly, this was way too much food for two people, but luckily LEFTOVERS SANDWICHES exist and the SO and I are quite lovely at making them.


Also, pumpkin pie and coconut milk whipped cream are the actual best and seem to taste even better the next day.


Over the course of the weekend, it was also World Food Day. I managed to make it out to the Edmonton March Against Monsanto and it made me thankful that despite living in Alberta and often writing it off as too capitalist, politically conservative, etc, there are so many rad people fighting the good fight and if I choose to actually leave the house once in awhile I get to see it for myself and also fight for change. (Also, leaving the house that day also meant catching Sailin On’, Edmonton’s vegan food truck, on their last service until they pack up for the season which ruled).

Did any of you folks participate in World Food Day this week, or did any of my Canadian lovelies celebrate Thanksgiv’rs? What are you thankful for?! I am thankful for all animals, all of the wonderful people I’m surrounded by and Benson, freedom of choice and the ability to eat vegan double chocolate chip cookies for dinner, and my cozy bed. Your turn.


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