More Adventures in Edmonton; All is Bright, Italian Markets, and Loma House <3

Oh hiiii!
It’s late Sunday night, I am home from a fantastic weekend as always in Edmonton, and of course instead of doing anything else remotely more important I would like to say oh hiiii to you folks instead. I found that as opposed to most of my visits where I am doing a lot of cooking and we maybe go out once, we had quite a few lovely little adventures over the weekend I’d like to share.

I suppose the first real thing we did, was that I visited the Italian Centre Shop in Edmonton for the second time ever. It was Friday night, I’d just arrived, and was super hungry. After the sushi place I wanted to visit was way too busy for my taste, we ended up over at the Italian market. At first I struggled with what I was going to eat, but then we noticed the bags of (vegan!!!) perogies, as well as this amaaaaazing vegetarian (by default vegan!) foccacia topped with all of our favourite things- artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, olives, capers, banana peppers, rosemary, etc. We also took home some hipster looking soda, and a few other delicious treats. Here is a picture of the perogies!:

And the hippest root beer ever. Because let’s be real.1481753_10150344235394991_284306460_n

On Saturday evening, we attended Edmonton’s “All is Bright” event, mostly because we found out that our favourite food truck was going to be there and we couldn’t miss our chance for coconut bacon BLTs and vegan Irish fries since Sailin’ On is otherwise closed seasonally… While we arrived when it was dark before they turned all the cute Christmas lights on(ALL WAS NOT BRIGHT, GUYS), it seemed to be a very cheerful event that drew a large and vibrant crowd. If we weren’t so damn cold, I would have loved to have stayed and watched Wool on Wolves.

However, we then got to stop at Steeps for chai lattes with soy milk on the six block trek to my car, so there was that.


Today, I finaaaally got to try out Loma House, which M has been raving about forever. It’s in a super unsuspecting location off of Calgary Trail and I took like a zillion pictures of our food because it was amazing. They have an extensive dim sum menu, but we decided to go with an order of shrimp rolls, sweet and sour pork, and curry vermicelli noodles. Plus they were sweethearts and brought out chocolate cake. ALL VEGAN AND AMAZING. Plus they have adorable teapots, awesome tea (we had lychee), and a few stand up freezers full of vegan and vegetarian mock meat products to take home!


1470914_10150344235404991_252028160_nSo, that was my weekend. I hope everybody else had a really lovely one! This week is going to be busy as always, but I have another rad guest blog coming up and am anticipating some sweet things coming in the mail for the holidays to arrive soon as well. Will also compile a holiday gift list soon if you’re into that! xo


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  1. Laura says:

    Looks like an amazing time!

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