Holy Snacks! A Healthy Surprise Review

If any of you know me at all, you’re likely aware that snacks are my favourite thing ever. From vegan baked goods, to fresh fruit and kale chips, I am kind of a snack eating machine. NOT TO BRAG. So, when approached by Healthy Surprise with information about their awesome boxes full of vegan snacks that also happen to be incredibly good for you, my first questions were WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING AND PLEASE CAN I HAVE ONE?!?! Needless, to say, I jumped on the opportunity to try one immediately.

Just kidding. I did a little research first, and here is what I found out… The folks behind this Los Angeles based company are total food revolutionary types. Through their monthly snack boxes available in various portions and price points, they positively promote veganism in a health light, and also believe “every time we eat should be an opportunity to improve our health.” These “snackologists” really practice what they preach by sourcing out snacks that are completely vegan, gluten free, soy free, and corn free! Now, as I’m sure is pretty evident from all of my recipe posts, I am no stranger to gluten, soy, and sometimes even corn products. As an ethical vegan, my chief concern is that my food is free of animal byproducts, and this is where Healthy Surprise first grabbed me. However, as I grow increasingly health conscious and am encouraged to challenge myself to fill allergen free baking orders from time to time, I am also familiar with the allergens of these products and how they can negatively affect our bodies, some folks much more than others. Plus, the large majority of these crops contain GMOs which are a tricky mistress on their own.


So, I am super grateful that there are companies like Healthy Surprise who do all of the work for me to find healthy, ethically and environmentally responsible snacks that are ACTUALLY tasty. I didn’t know quite what to expect when I placed my order for a snack box, but was seriously blown away upon its arrival! Packed neatly in a cute Healthy Surprise Box, I received what I believe is the “Healthy Box” option, which offers 16+ full sized snacks and can feed 1-4 people on average. These guys seriously didn’t fail to impress! My snack box consisted of full sized packages of kale chips, Hail Merry’s macaroons, rice chips, Sea Snax, and tons of dehydrated fruits and veggies. There are also a few items in here that I would have never thought to purchase on my own which gives me a chance to try them out first, such as wasabi coated almonds and gaba infused raw chocolate!
Naturally, I have already scarfed down both kinds of kale chips because I am a kale monster.

The two brands included in my box were Wonky’s Ferry Plaza kale chips, and California Snax’s Pop Kale Buffalo flavour. I love how both of these companies are California and sourced pretty close to home by Healthy Surprise, and how I never ever would have had the opportunity to try them otherwise in Alberta as they aren’t yet available at my local natural markets! I have also had a couple of the Hail Merry’s, because I have been dreaming about them since my trip to Portland in May. I look forward to using some of the dried tomatoes I received in a pesto, and packing a lot of the other snacks in my lunch in the near future!

Something I also appreciated about this Healthy Surprise box was the great write up about the company inside, a pamphlet explaining veganism which included a recipe for savory flaxseed crackers, and even a rad coupon for my next  purchase which is pretty much inevitable because I love these guys already.

This review probably also comes at a perfect time, because if you have any awesome vegans or loved ones with allergies on your holiday gift lists, a Healthy Surprise box would be a seriously solid choice. From its vibrant presentation and educational, tasty promotion of the vegan lifestyle, to a generous variety of snacks, I’m not sure who wouldn’t enjoy this as a gift. In fact, feel free to send me another one while you’re at it, because I would love another helping of these kale chips and to see what else Healthy Surprise has up their sleeves!

Friendly Disclaimer: The delicious snacks featured in this blog entry were provided by a representative of Healthy Surprise for editorial consideration. However, any review at The Cozy Vegan is completely unbiased and ridiculously honest, and with integrity I would never provide a product with a favourable review unless I believed it deserved one. Now, go on and enjoy some healthy snacks!

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  1. dapperdolly says:

    Oh wow this looks and sounds awesome – what a treasure box!

    I like the term ‘ethical vegan’; I’m currently trying to catch up on the usually fabulous array of vegan recipes and posts under the ‘vegan’ tag in wordpress’ reader and it’s full of Jay-Z/Beyonce garbage about their convenient PR spell of diet-only ‘veganism’ and it’s making the usual reading difficult.


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