Things I Love Thursday: On Vegan Perfumes, Kitchen Appliances, and WAFFLES!!!

It’s here, it’s here! My favourite day is here! Things I Love Thursday, where all I do is ramble to you guys about the things that I love most of alllll this week. I am just going to dive right into all of my favesies because I can’t contain myself anymore!

1. Sweet Anthem Perfumes
This is my new favourite little vegan fragrance shop. I have been eyeing Sweet Anthem for awhile, but actually received some at Christmas time from my very thoughtful mama. Hailing from Seattle, this little indie perfume shop does everything right. From adorable branding depicting the cruelty-free nature of their products, to the names and musings behind each fragrance in their collection. I am right smitten. I am just going to tell you the scents I now have on hand and how they describe them, because they’re seriously dreamy, guys.

Sweet Anthem, I love your packaging!
Sweet Anthem, I love your packaging!

Emily: “Still she wears her red dress, and paints her toes and twirls. Emily takes it back to old times of honey, oatmeal, yuzu, almond, Turkish mocha, vanilla, coconut.” This was one I couldn’t find when I went back to look for it, so I assume this was seasonal. What initially drew me to this scent was the description. HOLY DAMN IT’S LIKE ALL OF MY FAVOURITE FOODS. My Emily is just a convenient little sample size, but it is sooo concentrated and lasts for hours! While cozy sounding, Emily smells quite sweet and boozy. Is it weird to find a perfume with notes that essentially describe a bowl of porridge sexy? It’s intoxicating in a really good way, and it was totally my New Years scent.

Lucille (from the Mermaid Avenue collection): “From an old Germanic ballad: The linden-maiden rests beneath an illuminated grove / night-blooming jasmine fastened in her hair / Surrounded by the memory of ash and smoke and trove, the linden-worm takes flight / off they climb together, through the salty air.” This scent is a perfectly sweet combination, hitting all the right notes of floral jasmine, linden, rosewood, and a breath of ocean air.

Anita: “And it’s a very special thing — she makes the people clap and sing. Be happy all the time in this nearly drinkable peppermint mocha perfume.” It looks to me as though Anita may have been seasonal as I can no longer find a link back to it on Sweet Anthem’s website! Wearing this on my wrist and neck makes me feel like I’m bundled up in a cozy mystical winter treat…like a cozy slightly boozy hot chocolate being sipped from wine glass while wrapped up in my favourite afghan staring out at a snowy winter evening from my window. Too dorky?

/ends perfume ramble. orders a thousand more scents after updating blog.

2. My Kitchenaid!

my new baby!
my new baby!

I already posted about my lovely early Christmas gift from the wonderful M, but I am deciding to confirm with you guys how much easier it’s seriously making my life. I made cinnamon buns over the holidays with it and it felt like I barely did anything at all except throw a bunch of ingredients in a bowl and let it rise. MY ARMS WEREN’T EVEN SORE AFTER FROM KNEADING DOUGH. Although I suppose that might be the last possible form of exercise I have time for, so hmm.


My brother is adorable and gifted me a waffle maker which I obviously unwrapped Christmas morning and immediately started making waffles. It’s this one and it’s the actual best. So is my brother as he is really just a younger male version of me. In case you are wondering.

Also, don’t you guys just love waffles and their little pockets built perfectly for storing maple syrup? What are your favourite ways to eat waffles? With a healthy portion of fried chicken and collard greens? Doused with chocolate chips? As sandwiches?! GIVE ME TIPS.

I am actually just going to stop there because it’s getting late and it’s probably bed time or whatever. I am running on not very much sleep. As always. I hope everyone is having a great week and has a delightful weekend! Mine probably includes making bagels. Or soft pretzels. Or both. I am experimenting with recipes as I have finally found a kitchen to use on the weekends in Edmonton and am looking forward to selling my baking soon! CHEERS!

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  1. love love love!! Aren’t waffles the BEST??!

  2. justaboutveg says:

    Ooh, I want each of those things! Those waffles look delicious! Can you recommend a good vegan recipe? I’ve tried a few, but can’t seem to find The One…

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