Sunday Night Ramblings

Good evening darlings!
Hope you have all had a delightful weekend. I am curled up after dinner, hiding in from the bizarre weather and reflecting on the past week. On Thursday, I graduated from my entrepreneurship program. I even catered the cupcakes! I baked vanilla lemon w/raspberry buttercream, vanilla toasted coconut, gluten free chocolate, and cookies n’ cream!

They turned out kiiiinda beautiful and I was very proud to share them with all of my friends.

BkV3hM_CAAArnYeAlso, my beautiful mama was my date. Here’s her and me:


M. couldn’t make it, but was a total sweetie and sent me graduation floooooowers! It looks so beautiful and springy in the house right now. Such a happy girl ❤87011b96bc5611e386670002c9de1b28_8

Last night (Saturday), I had the opportunity to check out the first ever Calgary Hawker’s Market! As a Yelp Elite, I had the chance to get in for a free hour preview before the actual event started. So many great new businesses, and some old favourites too! I was treated to samples from Well Juicery (amazing cold-pressed juices), Village Brewery, The Apple Lady (sooooo much fresh produce), Fiasco Gelato, and Yummi Yogis! After trying Yummy Yogis, I haaaad to bring home a delicious chocolate hazelnut dessert that came home in an adorbs little mason jar. I also grabbed an amazing chickpea fritter tortilla from The Naaco Truck!


Then there was today! It started with a waffle and pop punk party with my lovely roomie, and I got to see my lovely pals and also quickly my fam.
After finishing my business plan, I am finally feeling good and now am waiting to hear back from some Farmer’s Markets! Stay tuned for where and when you can find Blue Rose Baking Co. treats! ❤


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  1. Your cupcakes really are beautiful!! Congrats on your graduation!! Celeste 🙂

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