Hi lovelies. Hope all is well wherever you are! Lots has been going on since I last caught up so I wanted to share now before I get swept up by another whirlwind!

I am wrapping up my last couple of weeks at my current place of employment! It has been wonderful, but change is in the air and sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith! Starting in June, I will be launching my vegan baking company, Blue Rose Baking Co. This will be happening in Edmonton, AB at two of my favourite Farmer’s Markets, Southwest Edmonton Farmer’s Market, as well as 124 Grand! Kitchen dates are set, banner came in the mail on Monday, and I am excited to get going once I sort a couple small things out!

 I am also very excited to be making the move up to Edmonton! I will miss my roommate(s)-plural if you count kitty, but am very excited for the change of scenery from Calgary. It isn’t a huge step, but it feels like a step in the right direction as I know the Farmer’s Market and small business crowd in Edmonton is vibrant and exciting and I can’t wait to dip my toes in! Also boyfraaaaaan is there so I guess that’s okay too. AS LONG AS HE WILL TASTE TEST.

Tonight though, I am packing up a few belongings (most of which are kitchen thaaaangs) and eating pasta! The pasta is combined with vegan Italian Field Roast, dried herbs, Daiya, fresh basil and garlic, caramelized onions,  olive oil, and lots of nooch and red chilli flakes!


 Also, here is a picture of the cupcake spread I provided at an event last night! A combination of vanilla and chocolate minis, with the following frostings: raspberry, allllllllll the chocolate, maple “cream cheese” pecan, chai spice, and vanilla toasted coconut!


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  1. benevolentvegan says:

    Seriously, if I were on death row (say, I murdered an animal-killer, for example 😉 ), it would be pasta that I would have to have as my last dish. Now, I was planning a simple sandwich for lunch, but this image you have right here has awakened my pasta-urges and now, I’ll just have to go make some pasta with pesto or something. (Pesto and Daiya are a glorious combo by the way.)

  2. Donna Obrochta says:

    That sounds like really good news! I sent an email last week but I don’t know if you have received it? By the way, your cupcakes look beautiful & delicious!

  3. veganismz says:

    Sad you’re leaving!

  4. Ally says:

    The cupcakes look amazing. I want one…or two!

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