On Being Twenty-Five and Still Not Quite a Grownup.

Happy Wednesday, friends! Today marks a week before I launch Blue Rose Baking Co. in some local Farmer’s Markets! I am pretty excited about that.

In other news, I turned twenty-five years old on Saturday. TWENTY-FIVE. As someone who particularly hates measurements of time, I always thought I would loathe my twenty-fifth with all my heart. To be honest, I get a little melancholy looking into the future. What if I’m not doing something I love at twenty-five? What if everyone around me turns into a grownup and I stay the same?! That said, I feel as though I started off my twenty-fifth birthday right. It began with waking up in Edmonton, after a drawn out moving process and leaving my full-time employment in Calgary only a week before. I got my nails and toesies did with vegan shellac at a nearby salon, and came home to vegan omelettes by M. Following brunch, we had some iced green teas with my dad, and then had some Saturday adventures. This led to me obtaining my first ever Matt & Nat bag as my birthday gift from M!


I am not one for material object coveting, but I really admire Matt & Nat as an ethical Canadian company, and I’m so excited to carry around one of their lovely vegan purses! Following a sunny stroll down Whyte, we stumbled into Noorish for dinner. This isn’t one of our regular spots, so it’s always a treat to visit. I had the Bodhi Burger with black kale caesar, and M  had a full sized black kale caesar with vegan chick’n! NOMS!


We ended our evening off with cake and chais and then headed home.


I really enjoy living here and it was a lovely day. I am really starting to embrace all of this change in a positive way. While things have been a little chaotic here and there trying to unpack, get settled in, and get prepared for my farmer’s market adventures this summer with Blue Rose, I have been taking a lot of time to myself. Things I’ve found really important during this time are self care. I have a wonderful peer coach through the organization I wrote my business plan with, and she is a huge advocate for self care to sustain balanced mental health. I have been sleeping until at least 8 am now that I can, drinking a lot of tea, tapping out of activities when I’m just too tired, and trying to eat all of my fruits and vegetables. I miss the social aspect of seeing my Calgary friends whenever I’d like living out here, but I am excited for you all to visit, and am confident I will meet lots of really great people this summer.

I also can’t even put into words how good it feels to be baking again. For awhile, I was putting it off unless I had a big order, because I have been too busy preparing to bake vegan treats for a living. Now, I am no formally trained chef, but rather like to put on some of my favourite music, spend a couple hours in the kitchen, and see what comes out. I am very happy to be doing this again.

I start at Southwest Edmonton Farmer’s Market next weekend, and have been test batching a few things! One of my products I am most stoked on, is a garlicky cheese bun which I plan to aptly name THE SLAYER because garlic kills vampires or something.


At the moment, I also have a batch of dark chocolate earl grey cookies in the oven which I feel will be a hit. M and I also enjoyed a chocolate hazelnut mousse pie last night for dessert, though I doubt I’ll be offering it this season as it’s very prone to melting and takes awhile to firm up:

I have been feeling a lot of passion for my craft lately and am super excited to see what is coming up! On that note, I probably need to take my cookies out of the oven and attempt some spreadsheets to get ready for next week! Hope you all are well, and also that I might see some of you at the markets this summer! Also, at twenty-five, I still don’t feel like a grownup, but I’m at LEAST old enough to use an oven without burning myself (more than once a week) these days, so I guess I’ll go with that. Cheers! ❤

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  1. saplingvegan says:

    Happy Birthday and good luck at the farmer’s market; that’s so exciting!

  2. That was some storm at the Southwest Market! Sorry that it represented your first foray into the market scene. We were really thrilled to have you on board. And what a wonderful community, eh… the way the Mallow Fellow took you into her tent when things went sideways, the way customers helped you hold your tent and purchased some of your fallen goods. I was thrilled to hear those stories. Farmers’ markets are special places… it’s why I keep volunteering in their world. Good luck next week!!!

  3. Happy Birthday! How cool that Blue Rose is starting up at the farmers market!

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