Happy Fall Lovelies!

Fallfallfalllll, my favourite time of year! I’m sorry that my blogger presence wasn’t necessarily on point this summer, but so much has been happening! My business, Blue Rose Baking Co., is doing pretty well here in Edmonton! Outdoor market season is winding down, and I’m currently scouting my options for a winter market to stay cozy and warm. Our cupcakes are also available at Remedy Cafe locally, and we are looking to expand this!


Earlier this month, I also moved into a little kitchen nook to call home for now! If any of you have ordered treats or come to visit me at 124 Grand Market, just so you know….I was hauling all of my equipment and ingredients each time to a local community kitchen, baking my treats, packaging them for the market, with just barely enough time to clean the licensed facility and get going. Let me tell you right now, this is baking HELL. Especially on a hot summer day. I have just moved into a shared space with some other vegan businesses. In our large kitchen area, I get to hang out with the awesome crew from Long Lost Foods who is opening up their dinner service at the Mercury Room this month- yay even more vegan eats in Edmonton! Also in the kitchen is the awesome Truffula (forgive me, I can’t find their website if they have one), who makes amazing cashew cheese which can be purchased locally. Our other neighbours in the building include my fav food truck ever, Sailin’ On, slinging completely vegan eats. Seriously, where else can you find a handful of rad vegan businesses all doing their thing within like ten feet of each other?! Edmonton is an amazing place.

An Irish Fries from Sailin' On! My favourite comfort food <3
An Irish Fries from Sailin’ On! My favourite comfort food ❤



some gorgeous donuts from frickin' delights!
some gorgeous donuts from frickin’ delights!

Speaking of which, I have been volunteering with the VVofA, and organized a pretty cool Vegtoberfest which is happening on Sunday September 28th from 11-3pm at Earth’s General Store on Whyte. Along with the businesses I mentioned above, we will have some great others as well. My good friend Mandy will be offering her Frickin’ amazing donuts! They are seriously lovely as is Mandy. She has really welcomed me to Edmonton, shares all my baker sentiments like how AWESOME the cold weather is compared to heat when it comes to being stuck in a kitchen all day, and how swollen baker’s feet are like, a real, terrible thing. She is doing awesome things and you need to try her adorable goodies. Also attending will be the new and fabulous Revojuiceinary, and Purely Inspired Soaps! Organizations who will be tabling include VVofA, FARRM, and Voices for Animals! This is going to be a small but fun little celebration of fall!


Here are the cupcakes I will be dropping off at Remedy this week! Two new fall flavours- Maple Carrot cupcakes and Chocolate Pumpkin Spice!


I’m also super stoked on drinking all the fall things. So far it’s been mostly chai, and also Tim Horton’s pumpkin spice tea. Still working through my collection of DAVIDsTEA as well. Any favourite sips you guys recommend?!

So in summary, it’s fall now. And I love my life. Seriously. Sometimes I complain, but I BAKE CUPCAKES FOR MONEY. THAT’S MY ONLY JOB RIGHT NOW. SOMETIMES PIES OR WHATEVER. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! I hope all you folks are sooooo well too!

This is a picture my friend Jade (of LLF) drew of me sipping tea surrounded by cupcakes- pretty much what happens all day!
This is a picture my friend Jade (of LLF) drew of me sipping tea surrounded by cupcakes- pretty much what happens all day!

Love you guys! Will chat again soon- promise!

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  1. These all look so yummy! Can I have one of each?

  2. *creeps you*
    eeEE It’s the picture i drew!!! ❤ ❤

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