Things I Love….Sunday??

Oh man! I totally had a *day off* last Thursday, and had sooo planned to throw down a THINGS I LOVE THURSDAY post. However, I’ve been trying to unpractice the art of productivity on my downtime, so definitely ended up playing video games and drinking tea with friends instead.

That doesn’t mean we still can’t all love life now, does it?! Okay. So the first thing I love today, is….


 I had a Blue Rose Vegan catering gig last week, and happened to make “too many” Nanaimo bars. WHOOPS. BUT PERFECT FOR THURSDAY MORNING BREAKFAST DUH.



Recently some fellow tea lovers and I had an international tea swap. I got a delightful bundle of tea from the UK, and this was the Sleepy Hollow Pumpkin Tea. Also, my favourite owl cup ❤

My new apartment!
1503885_10150496611664991_6823119960344464117_nFinally settling into my own space here in Edmonton and enjoying it so much! I have always shared an apartment or home, so I’m super excited to spread out a little bit, make giant pots of soup all the time, and do whatever I want. ❤

Collaboration Projects!
This winter has been a lot about working together with other folks on super rad things. One of these collars has been the newly introduced SNACK ATTACK, Edmonton’s only vegan snack box.


Now I’m about to watch some more Charmed and hide out for a cozy Sunday night. WHAT DOES EVERYONE ELSE LOVE TODAY?!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. MeShell says:

    Personally, I just really love that there is a vegan snack box in Edmonton. (despite not being able to take advantage of it myself) 🙂

  2. howlett97 says:

    wonderful to see a bit of your apartment … a table with four chairs so room for 3 pals to loaf about drinking tea & talking … Anne, fellow Canadian in England where she gets a monthly vegan snack box

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