Things I Love Thursday: Lip Treats, Pho, Dusk, Typewrites.

Good evening lovelies. It’s finally a Thursday. It’s finally a Thursday in which I am free. It’s finally a Thursday in which I remember to write a THINGS I LOVE THURSDAY POST. I am going to get right to my list and tell you my favourite things lately.

1. Bare English & Co. 

bare english & co lip treats <3
bare english & co lip treats ❤

I recently learned of a fantastic Canadian company called Bare English & Co. They had me at “vegan lip balm,” but when I realized their products were also tea infused, I’d been totally had! I received a package of delightful lip treats from them in the mail, and have been struggling to choose a favourite! Right now I have the Sweet Peppermint and the Almond on rotation because who doesn’t like smelling like mint tea and marzipan on alternating days?! However, there isn’t one flavour I haven’t enjoyed. I also got speaking with the folks behind the brand, and they’re seriously so lovely.

2. Winter afternoons fading into dusk….
How poetic, right?! The post holiday lull from baking has given me a little bit of quiet time at home to appreciate the quietness and stillness of winter…when I’m not watching Netflix. I’ve been noticing lately that my favourite time of day is around 4:30 pm, right when the daylight sinks into the dark and the city has this glowly little haze about it. So babely.

There’s something about Alberta winter’s that I love. The cold winds may bite harshly, and people might forget how to drive in the city every time it snows, but at least we have glittery white blankets covering the lacklustre streets, and pretty yellow streetlights.

3. Pho(eva)…

10933828_10150506724829991_6917175120511880333_nThis delightful little bowl is the Buddha Pho which I indulged in at one of my favourite chill digs in Edmonton, Friends and Neighbours the other day. I love this little joint. The decor is quirky and Twin Peaksy, the menu is greasy spoon mixed with Vietnamese radness, and the service is always jusssst awkward enough to whisper about across the table, but reasonably cordial enough that you’ll always be back. This bowl of pho seemed extra special, as there were bits of kale and brussel sprouts in it, something usually not to be found when I order it. But hell, I’m not complaining. Those are my two fav green things.


AND WRITING THINGS BY HAND. AND IN GENERAL. It is definitely a goal for me in 2015 to step my blogging game back up to where it used to be, but I also recently brought my typewriter out and have been enjoying that too. I also promised myself to journal a little more, but already I’m realizing I’ve dropped the ball on that. Better catch up tonight!

I know this post has been a little short, but I am slowly easing back into the routine of regular blogging. What are some of your favourite things this week?!

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  1. gabost says:

    Such a lovely post, dear! This week I decided to join in with the windchill and go for a fresh air walk. Rosy cheeks! Does a soul good!

  2. Liane Faulder says:

    Hey, I just read your blog and it happens to be a Thursday! Hmmm….I love working at home in my living room with my fireplace blazing instead of at the office. It’s partly because I have a cold and can blow my nose with abandon at home, whereas at the office, I feel am upsetting colleagues with my vigorous expunging. It’s all about the small things, right?

  3. EEP! I have a similar owl mug BUT I NEED THAT OWL TEA POT!!!!

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