Things I Love Thursday: Coffee Culture, X-FILES CLOTHES, Pizza Cats, T.O.F.U MAG

Happy Thursday darlings! I hope everyone is having a great week. I have been settling nicely into this winter chill, and will soon have a couple new warming winter recipes to share.

My schedule has switched itself up a little bit to adjust to the winter season, and I’ll soon find my weekends a lot busier than weekdays. Already, this has given me the opportunity to get out, catch up with friends over coffee (especially at some of the shops downtown that are only open business hours), and spend some quality self care time.

Which leads me to share my first favourite thing on my list….


Look at this beautiful pour with ALMOND MILK at Coffee Bureau. SKILLZ.
Look at this beautiful pour with ALMOND MILK at Coffee Bureau. SKILLZ.

Living in the downtown core, I have so many great places to choose from within stumbling distance. My favourite right now is Coffee Bureau. For latte drinkers, they have both soy and almond milk available, and I’ve even seen that recently they’ve carried vegan donuts from Bliss once in awhile! They did not have them when I last visited, but post on social media when they do!

Other options in my hood alone include Lockstop, Credo, Burrow, District.. Close to the Blue Rose Vegan kitchen are even more still! This includes my friends at (the very vegan friendly) Get Cooking Cafe, as well as Elm Cafe, Rogue Wave (literally my building neighbour), and Iconoklast. I have slowly been working through this list, and also trying to learn a little more about coffee as I go. I’ll admit that I am a tea nerd through and through, but years ago, my first job living in Calgary was as a barista in a little cafe. I was obsessed with pouring good latte art, and that’s about as far as my fascination went. Now aside from pulling a good shot of espresso, and as I learn to appreciate a good black cup of coffee, I’m super intrigued by manual pourover. A pal actually gave                                                                                      me a little demo of his pour over methods the other day!

drinkin' columbian pourover out of these lil qt cups!
drinkin’ columbian pourover out of these lil qt cups!
My depressing pour with regular soy milk while hanging out with the folks at Get Cooking.
My own pour with regular soy milk while hanging out with the folks at Get Cooking. I love when I’m allowed behind the counter at my fave places<3


TRUST NO ONE (courtesy of Crywolf Clothing)
(courtesy of Crywolf Clothing)

The other day I found the PERFECT clothing line. I have always followed Crywolf Clothing on social media, but only recently REALLY BROWSED their selections and made an order. I am obviously in love with them because most of their apparel is X-FILES and pizza themed. I also picked up a couple little buttons, one of a block of tofu and one of a nesting doll. I will definitely be ordering from these folks again for holiday gifts and also more treats for me.

bundled in my UFO scarf from Middle of Beyond ❤

Also, a bestie gifted me a vegan (acrylic, yay wool free!) UFO scarf from Middle of Beyond for my birthday back in May and I have been waiting with very eager anticipation for cold weather to really wear it in. I know it wasn’t X-FILES specifically, but this is obviously what both of us were thinking so we’re going to go with it. It actually looks like all of their apparel is vegan/acrylic, with “ugly sweater” themes such as ALIENS, LOCHNESS MONSTER, KRAMPUS, CTHULHU (what my Lovecraft induced nightmares are made of), etc.

3. T.O.F.U. MAGAZINE (and their fabulous Kickstarter campaign)

We have talked about T.O.F.U a couple times, but right now they are doing something especially exciting! In recent years, T.O.F.U has been available in digital format. However, Ryan has something big planned for Issue 10, and plans to release Issue #10 as a BEST OF type compilation, available in paperback. This collection will feature pieces that address suchhhhh important issues to be aware of when exploring the vegan lifestyle and in our activism, including sexism, ageism, body image, and other intersectional mindfulness. It will also feature some fun DIY stuff, such as coordinating yer own VegFest, balcony composting, etc. This has been my favourite vegan publication since discovering it, as it takes from a variety of awesome writers sharing their experiences, and addresses the important stuff. The campaign is doing well, but is within its last few days and could use a final push! Honestly, I know it’s going to be the best ever, and I really considered my support of the campaign as more of a PREORDER than anything! From incentives starting from as little as $1 (a digital copy of the book), every little bit counts.
Scope it! DO THE THING!


Holy smokes I love pizza cats so much. I have long been a fan of cat shaped pizza, and in last week’s Halloween Snack Attack, we finally started sharing the way of the PIZZA CAT with other folks too. I just want to show you some pictures of pizza cats.

This was my first ever pizza cat <3
This was my first ever pizza cat ❤
Soon, Jade also learned the way of the pizza cat and we handed out these giant ones for those who ordered snack attacks. I believe we named these two Eugene, and Earl Grey.

Mmmmmmm, I think this is maybe enough stuff to love for one week. I look forward to hearing what you cuties are LOVIN ON this fiiiiine Thursday, and will be posting a soup recipe soon. xo

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