Ramblings. Sorry for the Brief Hiatus! Let’s chat. <3

It seems I often tend to start blog posts with the phrase “sorry for not posting in awhile,” or something of the like, most times. Today is no exception! For those interested in my entrepreneurship plight, things have really been bustling for Blue Rose Baking Co. 

A cute signature cupcake I’ve started making for a new-ish wholesale client. Photo cred to my homie Jade.

Since coming home from a quick jaunt to the PNW at the end of May (to celebrate my 27th birthday, holy fuck, the time flies).


I have been steady with markets, events, and a stream of custom orders that assures me either the demand for vegan food is growing in my community, or more people are hearing about us. Either is fun, and indicates progress.

Anyways, I just wanted to address what I’m feeling lately, about the whole recipe posting thing. I think we all know by now that I fucking love food. That’s probably something we have in common, if you’re reading my blog. I sling food for a living, in hopes that someone might choose my treats in favour of a non-vegan alternative. I love showing people that they need not sacrifice the comfort, taste, or nostalgia of their traditional favourites. I love how we can connect over food, and all of the friends I have made in the vegan community over the years. None of this has changed.

However, I’ve been struggling recently with my role in the vegan community, and what that looks like to me. I’ve felt really one dimensional lately, and am trying to step away from that a little. I fucking love food activism. I’ll probably never stop writing recipes & sharing food altogether. HOWEVER, during times where I post recipes prolifically, I tend to get a pretty sinking feel that I’m losing my voice in a myriad of “how-tos”, product reviews, recipe building. I wasn’t sure what it was initially, but this has become more apparent to me recently as I look at cookbooks and comment to myself about how unnecessary the ingredients are, or start thinking more about the dialogue we use to surround food rather than food itself.

Writing is my background first and foremost, actually. I often feel spoiled for having spent the earlier years of my 20s in University studying English (concentrating mostly on my favourite post-colonial & feminist texts, eventually picking up a minor in Indigenous studies as well). Despite the fact that I continue to carry on the annoying burden of student loans, it still feels so strange that this was my world once. After the last couple years, it’s seriously a distant memory now. Entrepreneurship has been humbling. There have been a few “rough patches,” in regards to self care, mental health concerns, food security, etc. It’s weird to compare about what I considered problems before, as a Bachelor of Arts student, and now, but I understand that this is all subjective. There is also something to be said about managing ones mental health (which I unfortunately had no decent grasp of at this time), and how this shapes our worldview.

Anyways, throughout blogging, I’ve just simply lost the confidence to write about OTHER THINGS. Honestly, I think it’s because I convinced myself that it was frivolous. Now though, I’m feeling like I should probably harness those skills I acquired and use them in a more thoughtful way. I would love to talk about stuff with you guys sometimes ASIDE from Aquafaba, and the latest food trends, with permission. Unless those food trends are in regards to economics, food accessibility, and security, because even when I discuss this stuff/read up on my own, I know I’m only scraping the surface of some pretty unbelievable stuff. Unless those food trends might kinda correlate with our dialogue surrounding food; how we talk about it, external and internalised food shaming, how we can change the course of this discussion. I want to talk about being better advocates for ourselves & animals while keeping good, intersectional vibes. I don’t want to praise every vegan luxury product that comes onto the market, because I’m bored by those. Also because sometimes they are an utter shit show, like the aforementioned Unilever/mayo thing, and I don’t agree with supporting every product just because it happens to be vegan.


I still wanna talk about the good vegan friendly food I find in my city & others, and love hearing about yours. Supporting our local economy is important, when it’s within our means. I still want to share recipes, but I would like to find more ways to factor in the cost of those recipes & delve back into the basics a little bit. When I was starting out as a vegan, I lived in a small town without the benefits of a lot of luxury ingredient, and that was probably the most fun I had experimenting. I am going to finish some of the recipes I have on the go as well, so that they don’t go to waste. I’m continuing to teach cooking classes in the fall, probably, but I would love to brainstorm with others on how to employ a more sliding-scale/pay what you can module, and what kind of knowledge and skills people might be interested in acquiring! Even as a blogger, I acknowledge that in order to engage in discussion over the internet requires a certain level of resources & time that not everyone has. However, I’m just kind of ready to talk, and involve myself with the community in ADDITIONAL ways. Excuse the ranty bullshit, maybe. I just haven’t felt like myself in awhile, and am trying to kick off all the dust and figure out who that even is.

Aside from that, you might look forward to a rambly piece from me in the next (11th?) issue of T.O.F.U magazine soon, a THINGS I LOVE THURSDAY, some reviews I plan to catch up on in my off time, and I have been trying to post regularly on Instagram at the very least! Follow along if you feel compelled.

Talk soon! ❤

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  1. Excellent post. All the thumbs up!

  2. #veganinyyc says:

    Good for you Sarah; this is your blog, and you should use it in whatever way feels right to you. I suppose that goes for life in general. I’m a regular reader, and even though I enjoy your recipes, what I enjoy most is the way you write and your vegan perspective. And though I can only speak for myself, I think a lot of your readers would agree that we’ll continue to support you in whatever direction you steer this ship. You are a huge inspiration to me, and you’ve been a huge influence not only on my decision to become a vegan, but in my continued journey as I walk this vegan path.

    Thank you so much for your openness, and authenticity. I look forward to reading whatever comes next.


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