Oatmeal Toasted Coconut Cookies!

Today I was doing some cleaning around the house, and found the last bit of vegan white chocolate chips that a friend had brought home from Seattle for me awhile back. I had the thought to make some cookies, but had been craving oatmeal cookies later so decided to put them together. Despite this cookie…

Cozy as Heck Broccoli/Baked Potato/Cauliflower/Cheddar Soup

“Really, it’s just really some sort of fucked up & unnecessary baked potato-roasted cauliflower- broccoli & cheese- soup. With croutons on top because carbs. I don’t even know.”

Maple Bourbon Butter Tarts

A family favourite-veganized! A flaky, buttery, tart shell, filled with rich maple bourbon filling (which EVEN contains raisins. This is probably the only time I eat raisins). You won’t miss the eggs & dairy in this one!

Pad Thai Inspired (but definitely not pad thai) Noodle Dish

I would just like to begin this post by telling everyone that I am a huge fan of Thai food. Whenever given the option of shovelling Thai food into my face, I choose it over literally anything else. I appreciate the few good options for Thai I’ve had had the chance in Canada. I am…

Sunday Baking: Cozy Fall Apple Cider Donuts

Fall is generally my favourite time of year. However, this past October was quite difficult for a myriad of reasons, which meant I needed to take some time away from my blog, and even step away from the kitchen (baking gig) a few times to deal with a few things. However, the dust is starting…