Happy Belated Vegan Pizza Day!

Another National Vegan Pizza Day has come and gone, and like a true pizza lover, of COURSE I made pizza for dinner last night. How about you guys?! If you didn’t, I totally won’t tell anyone if you celebrate a day late. Int he past, I’ve always enjoyed making our pizzas at home from scratch….

Vegan ‘za at Gordo’s Pizza, YYC!

If I ever had to make the life-altering decision of choosing between eating pizza every day for the rest of my life or never again, I would obviously choose every day for the rest of my life.  If you guys know me at all, you would know that pizza parties are my favourite kind of…

Belated Treat Yoself Tuesday: PIZZAAAAAAAAAAA

Hi lovelies, Sorry for my quietness the past couple of days. I am definitely feeling the post-MoFo lazies and should have finished off my posts on a more affirmative note! Also, I got a little distracted on Monday due to a long day, and a SURPRISE VISIT, so sushi dates happened and cooking didn’t, really….

Happy Vegan Pizza Day!!

As probably most of you know, today is INTERNATIONAL VEGAN PIZZA DAY. And if you didn’t already know that…WHAT ARE YOU LIVING FOR?! Seriously, go fix yourself a vegan pizza now! To celebrate, I decided to use some of the Teese I smuggled home from PDX. Luckily enough, VeganCuts also threw some into my June…