Crust Punk French Onion Soup

I mean, I guess this soup isn’t all that crusty, but after the Crust Punk Mac n’ Cheese happenings in T.O.F.U Magazine this month, a friend and I decided I just needed to upthepunx on here generally. I had written a French Onion soup recipe once before a few years back, but decided yesterday that…


  If you have followed The Cozy Vegan for awhile, you’ll note that I have a certain affinity for vegan mac n cheese! I have written many mac n not cheese recipes for you cutie pies in the past, but I think I have finally landed on a real winner! I’ve experimented with so many….

Sickgrrrrrl Unchicken Noodle Soup <3

I’ve been battling a cold for the past couple weeks, and this week I’ve lost my fight and given in to slurping soup, tea, and watching too much Netflix. I’m sure I’ve posted a recipe for chickpea noodle soup before, but I’ve adjusted my technique a little bit after discovering the magic of panfrying my…

Broccoli Salad

WHY IS IT 30 DEGREES OUTSIDE?! I am seriously melting this week, and between the heat and all of the time I’ve spent baking, I am so ready to never turn on my oven again (until next week’s market of course). So at this point, any excuse to eat just salad for a meal is…

Happy Belated Vegan Pizza Day!

Another National Vegan Pizza Day has come and gone, and like a true pizza lover, of COURSE I made pizza for dinner last night. How about you guys?! If you didn’t, I totally won’t tell anyone if you celebrate a day late. Int he past, I’ve always enjoyed making our pizzas at home from scratch….